Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound of Jackson County


CASA's programs offer services to meet the changing needs of the community, and avoid duplication of the work done by other agencies.  We work with other agencies to better serve our aging and homebound population. 

Can you help?  We desperately need donations of staples and canned goods for CASA's Reach Services Food Pantry.  We are out of funds and are totally relying on donations to have food on the shelves to distribute to needy families.  The food pantry serves approximately 400 families a month.

Presently, CASA's efforts are focused on the following areas:

Home Safety

Volunteers provide access to areas inside and outside of clients' homes, and improve basic living conditions by doing minor home repairs, painting, chores, building wheelchair ramps, and installing grab bars and handrails to help prevent falls.

Our ramps follow ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines and are made from pressure-treated lumber. We also build "oversized stairs," steps for clients using a walker.


Volunteers provide transportation for elderly and homebound clients to needed medical appointments.

Shopping Assistance

Volunteers may transport clients to a shopping facility and assist them in making purchases, or in the case of a homebound person, shop from a list prepared by the client.

Weatherization Assistance

Volunteers put plastic on windows and add weather stripping to doors.  Air conditioners, fans, and electric space heaters are given to qualified clients.

Telephone Reassurance

Volunteers make a daily call to a homebound person to check on their welfare and offer a friendly ear.


Other services such as: Medication management, personal care, nutrition, homemaking, and respite care are provided under certain circumstances.

Reach Services

Reach provides, food, used furniture, toiletries, and household items to families in need. It also helps with prescriptions and gas to medical treatments outside of the county. CASA accepts donations of these items during regular working hours.

Safety Net

The "Safety Net" program promotes wellness and safety to seniors with home visits by trained volunteers. Health & safety conditions are assessed. An information packet with emergency and other information is left with the client. If unsafe conditions are noted, CASA volunteers do repairs or install items needed for safety.

A friendly visit makes everyone feel good.